About us


True to good principles and open to new developments


Hardeman has been at the forefront of developing efficient building systems since the 1990s. We are always looking to standardize and optimize our construction products and mounting systems so that the construction time can be further shortened, and the quality continues to improve: more and more factory-based. Our clients profit fully from the advantages of a more competitive price, a more sustainable and more reusable product. Because the products are produced in our Dutch factory, the service and aftersales are also guaranteed.




We practise what we preach and will not shy away from our responsibilities


Contractors don’t always have the best reputation for reliability and partnership. We want to be a positive exception: when you do business with us, you can count on 100% commitment, 100% trust and we do what we promise. We are not satisfied until you are and we are extremely proud that more than 90% of our orders are a repeat purchase or a purchase on the advice of a well-known reference.



Excellent expertise

Our own staff on the crane, the truck, at the assembly lines: people devoted to serving our customers


We control everything closely: building and developing building systems means listening very carefully. Not only to the client, but also to fitters, architects, suppliers, the entire chain is important. Learning and improving together every day. A day without learning is a lost day. Our consultants all have years of experience and often come up with surprising advice or ideas that you may not have thought of yourself!



Own production

The steel construction, window frames and roof & wall cladding all come from our own factories


In our factories in Veenendaal, we produce not only the steel structures but also the facade cladding, roof panels, insulation, skylights, window frames, cold-formed beams, mezzanine floors, etc. By purchasing on a large scale and producing practically the entire building ourselves, we can deliver top quality at a competitive price. Price and subsequent delivery is guaranteed. Feel free to come and take a look at our highly automated factories.