Lofthome: steel framed architecture since 2011

Are you the next owner of a unique Lofthome? Together with our partners BKVV Architecten and SMLXL BV, we realize 12 exclusive Lofthomes every year. For more information or a no-obligation intake interview, visit

Megaplex: remountable, stackable starter homes made of cross-layer wood

Since 2020 we have been working with Megaplex BV for the development and realization of starter homes made of cross-layer wood. These homes, developed especially for the Dutch market, are suitable for both permanent and temporary construction. Practically no nitrogen is produced during production and assembly. Suitable for projects from 12 homes per location. For more information:

Hardeman Module construction

In the combination of steel construction – gas concrete, we have developed various residential modules especially for temporary construction (max 15 years), for example student studios. In terms of construction costs, these are cheaper than Megaplex but not suitable for permanent construction and due to the method of production they are only suitable for larger-scale production series from a minimum of 50 pieces. These are placed in Groningen (345 st), Utrecht (510 st), Switzerland (68 st), Denmark (50 st), Aalsmeer (54 st).

Outbuildings: permit-free at your home

In addition to houses, we also supply outbuildings up to approximately 150 m2. Where our building system is normally only interesting from about 250 m2 due to the high engineering degree, the sophisticated outbuilding (as a kit or assembled) is an interesting addition. Often permit-free (depending on your lot size and the position on the lot).